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History & Achievements

Adams Universal, launched in the UK in 2015, is the heir of expertise and achievements to Adam Group, a leading event organizer since 1999 with over 117 events between 1999 and 2014 across the Middle East and Europe.

Since 2015, Adams Universal has provided professional services in the UK .

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Adams Universal, which launched its operations in the United Kingdom in 2015, is the true heir to the expertise and achievements of Adam Group, the renowned organization active since 1999 in the event industry across the Middle East and Europe. From 1999 to 2014, Adam Group organized over 117 regional events, including investment conferences, specialized international exhibitions in finance, investment, real estate development, higher education, and transportation. They also hosted international festivals for global stars and theatrical performances in Dubai, Beirut, Amman, and Damascus. With a distinguished name in a rapidly evolving region, Adam Group established itself as a prominent player. Since 2015, Adams Universal has been delivering balanced and professional services in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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Achievements :


In 2019, Adams Universal conducted comprehensive training programs for 352 job seekers in the Netherlands, focusing on preparing them for successful entry into the job market. These professional trainings included multiple stages, starting with self-introduction and effective self-presentation. Participants were guided through identifying and articulating their skills and potentials. The training also provided a thorough understanding of the job market, equipping attendees with the knowledge to navigate it confidently. This holistic approach aimed to enhance their employability and readiness for various career opportunities. Adams Universal's dedication to empowering individuals through tailored training initiatives underscores their commitment to fostering sustainable professional growth and fostering a resilient workforce in today's competitive landscape.

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