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Upcoming Activities

The aviation sector is on the brink of substantial growth, with forecasts indicating a demand for over 800,000 new pilots globally by 2034. This surge is propelled by the expansion of commercial airlines and the private aviation sector. The Future Pilot Expo is strategically crafted to address these demands, fostering connections between leading training institutes, aviation companies, technology innovators, and the next wave of aviation professionals.

Our Upcoming Activities for 2024

Turkey and the Arab Gulf region are witnessing a rapid escalation in air transport services, alongside the emergence of new private commercial air transport companies. Moreover, there's a burgeoning utilization of aviation services in agriculture, particularly in pesticide spraying and crop maintenance. With a burgeoning interest in aviation careers among the youth and a paucity of local aviation schools, this region presents a remarkable opportunity. 

Future Pilot Expo 2024

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